• Hong Kong HiFi Review amazed by LS1be

    The major Hong Kong High End audio magazine “HiFi Review” did a review of the LS1be with DMF subs with no less than four reviewers, and made it… read more

  • Cable assembly pinout document

    Cable assemblies are available in many different types. One can easily get lost in the woods, especially when interfacing unbalanced and balanced e… read more

  • We Share Your Passion - Wessel Oltheten

    We are thrilled to show you the first short movie we produced at Grimm Audio. It is a portrait of Wessel Oltheten, a well known mix engineer in The… read more

  • Find us on Pinterest

    Pinterest is very popular with people who look for inspiration to enhance their life and living. Since we have a growing set of beautiful LS1 pict… read more

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