• LS1be a must hear

    Fritz Fey of Studio Magazin in Germany was totally blown away when he reviewed the LS1be. Please taste a bit of his enthusiasm in our English trans… read more

  • LevelOneV2 adds exciting features

    LevelOne has been the industries’ standard desktop loudness normalizer for years. After years of innovation it is now time for the biggest update… read more

  • New affordable master clock CC2

    We are thrilled to introduce to you our new CC2 master clock. It has the same performance level as the famous CC1, but by limiting the feature set … read more

  • LS1s-dmf subs wow mix engineer

    Mix and mastering engineer (and teacher and author of the impressive book “Mixen met Impact”) Wessel Oltheten is a long time LS1 user. He ask… read more

  • CC1 demands for a remix

    There’s nothing like getting feedback from a very happy customer! John Davis of The Bunker Studio in New York bought a CC1 and wrote:

    “… read more

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