• LS1be & LS1a duo demo

    We feature a very special demo show at Beter Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum, where both the LS1be and the LS1a systems will be playing. Special gu… read more

  • Grimm Audio at Dance Fair 2018

    Our LS1 loudspeakers are used by world famous DJ's like Netsky and Like Mike. Enough reason for our new Dutch dealer KB|MF to book a space at the m… read more

  • ECM Month with LS1a at Beter Beeld & Geluid

    To celebrate that a large part of the ECM catalog is now available at streaming services Qobuz and TIDAL, our dealer in Hilversum Beter Beeld &… read more

  • LS1be at Masters of LXRY 2017

    Together with dealer Chattelin Audio Systems, Grimm Audio will exhibit at the "Masters of LXRY 2017" fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The 2017 edition… read more

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