Eelco Grimm

Sound Engineer. Owner of the Fairytapes company for recording and acoustic consultancy. Teacher and researcher at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Music and Technology. Core member of the EBU p/loud committee that developed the R128 recommendation for broadcast loudness. Former editor in chief of the leading Dutch professional audio magazine Pro Audio & Visie (1992-2000). Writer of the book (with test cd's) 'Checkpoint Audio'. 

"The most musical technology freak I've ever met"
Maarten van der Valk (Orchestra of the 18th Century)

Guido Tent

Electrical Engineer. Runs the Tent Labs company. Develops, manufactures and supplies low jitter clock upgrades for digital products like CD/DVD players, ADCs and DACs. Consultant in the area of EMC, RF electronics and signal integrity. Career in analog electronics, RF and EMC (silicon and system design). Formerly employed at Philips Optical Storage where he was involved in the design of DVD-R pick-up units.

"This is what you get when an engineer has ears"
Brian Cherry (diyhifisupply)


Hans van Bommel

Electrical Engineer. Started his carreer at SPS (Small Processor Systems) near Eindhoven. Joined Grimm Audio to enforce the production, testing and logistics team. Has always had a passion for music, which he currently enjoys as drummer in a punk rock band and volunteering at his local youth centre and at pop festivals.

Michiel Schriever

Electrical Engineer. Interested in the mechanics of (almost) all things and always looking for better solutions. After graduating in electrical engineering, Michiel was determined to start his own company for high quality musical instruments sound effects. Tasted the atmosphere at Grimm Audio during an internship and stayed around ever since, working on production testing and development.

Justin Vis

Electrical Engineer. Studied in Eindhoven at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and graduated at Tent Labs. Interested in high quality electronics, music and programming. Known for his unusual hobby projects in said context. Joined Grimm Audio to work on development.

External contributors

Robert Munnig Schmidt

Mechatronic designer. After a 20 year career at Philips with positions in research and development of professional and consumer products, followed by 10 years in the R&D of ASML, he became professor at Delft University of Technology to teach mechatronics to the future generation. His lifelong interest in audio, especially in electro-acoustical transducers, has inspired him throughout his career and finally made him start his own company RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics. Rob develops our active low frequency loudspeaker systems. 

Peter van Willenswaard

Electrical Engineer. Co-founder of Grimm Audio (partner from 2004-2010), now retired. Owner of company Audiomagic. Specialized in upgrades and design of digital audio equipment and tube audio equipment. Former technical editor of Dutch professional audio magazine Pro-Audio Magazine (1989-1993). Long career as technical audio journalist (since 1979). Peter's contribution has been essential in products like the AD1, CC1 and MP1.

Jorn Lemon

Software Engineer. Owner of Twisted Lemon and co-owner of BeatRig. Formerly employed at Audio Ease, Universidad Pompeu Fabra and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Develops Windows and OS-X software, specialised in the digital signal processing domain. Creator of the SideKick VST effect, allowing side-chaining compression within the VST 2.4 model. Developer of Loudness software for Grimm Audio.

Herbert Rutgers

Electrical and Software Engineer. Retired from Philips Research Laboratory in 1998. Explores audio as a hobby from the fifties. Has developed many loudspeaker systems (including ESL) and microphones. Since 1975 designing solid-state short wave radio equipment for radio ham applications. Special interest in VCO's with low phase noise. Herbert is co-designer of the CC1 oscillator.

Peter van Vegchel

Electrical Engineer. Working as a Senior Electronics System Layout Engineer at FEI Company. Longtime interest in (DIY) stereo equipment, building speakers and modifying/repairing amplifiers and other stuff. Tries to merge his technical knowledge and experience with the desire to create visually pleasing, optimal functioning board layouts. Peter was responsible for the PCB design of the CC1 and some other Grimm Audio products.

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