Driven to Improve

    • LS1 textbook example

      Koen Terra of the University of Applied Science in Utrecht asked us if he was allowed to use the LS1 as an example of great design to teach his stu… read more pro news

    • LS1 reviewer stops fiddling and gets down listening

      The online High End magazine Sound Stage Ultra published a very positive LS1 review and marked it "Reviewers Choice". Author Robert J&osl… read more hifi news

    • 10 Years Grimm Audio

      "Grimm Audio hits the floor of the Berlin AES show with an 8 channel 1-bit A/D converter aimed squarely at the audiophile end of the market.&q… read more pro news

    • Gydotron show Sint Martinus Pastorij

      Belgium hifi dealer Gydotron will show the LS1 at his Gydotron Audio Show in the Sint Martinus Pastorij in Malle. The main theme of the show is Vin… read more hifi news

    • New employee Lukas Dumoulin

      We welcome a new employee to our facilities. Lukas Dumoulin will strengthen our production team to help keep up with the growing demand for the LS1… read more pro news

    • Max Schlundt IFA Sideline Show

      During the IFA show in Berlin, September 13 and 14, our Berlin dealer and music lover Max Schlundt will present a sideline show at his premises wit… read more hifi news

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