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    • Made with Grimm Audio Spotify Playlist

      We have started a "Made with Grimm Audio equipment" Spotify Playlist. Our professional audio customers are invited to let us know which albu… read more pro news

    • Athens Eikona show 2014

      The LS1 will be on exhibit during the Eikona hifi show in Athens. Our Greek distributor Chris Hatzistamou of Athens Pro Audio is a mastering engineer … see more hifi events

    • DSD Myth white paper

      In recent years the DSD audio format of SACD has seen a big revival in the form of high res downloads. We noticed there's a lot of confusion about… read more pro news

    • LS1 reviewer stops fiddling and gets down listening

      The online High End magazine Sound Stage Ultra published a very positive LS1 review and marked it "Reviewers Choice". Author Robert Jorgense… read more hifi news

    • LS1: "The World's Best Complete Audio System"

      We are speechless with gratitude for the most incredible LS1 review ever written. Author Timothy Roth of Positive Feedback Online wrote an invitation … read more pro news

    • "Fine art in loudspeaker design"

      The Netherlands' leading online hifi magazine,, published a review by René van Es, who was fascinated by the fact that the LS1 is s… read more hifi news

    • Frank van Eldijk becomes project manager

      We welcome a new member of the team: Frank van Eldijk. Frank has a university background and presently acts as senior project manager at Assembleon, a… read more pro news

    • LS1 primer and backgrounds on Youtube

      Peter Breuninger of AV Showrooms did an interview with our US distributor Bill Parish during the Axpona show in Chicago. Bill introduces the LS1 to th… read more hifi news

    • Cooperation with Robert Munnig Schmidt

      We are very happy to announce a formal cooperation between Grimm Audio and Robert Munnig Schmidt of RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics. Robert will mana… read more pro news

    • Pictures of LS1 in a living room

      We took some nice 'living room setting' pictures of the LS1 in a beautiful villa in Eindhoven. These will mainly be used for press promotion v… read more hifi news

    • TPR8 multicable

      We added a new product to our catalog: TPR8. This 8 channel multicable fits sub-D shells and is therefore the first choice for truly high quality brea… read more pro news

    • Dealer of the year 2014

      Our Dealer of the Year award 2014 goes to... Berlin dealer Max Schlundt of Kultur Technik! In the picture you see Max who just received the award… read more hifi news

    • LS1 textbook example

      Koen Terra of the University of Applied Science in Utrecht asked us if he was allowed to use the LS1 as an example of great design to teach his studen… read more pro news

    • Grimm Audio makes it simple

      Scott Hull was 'bedeviled' by the LS1 during the Axpona high end show in Chicago and wrote a catching review about it. "I got to hear lot… read more hifi news

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