Grimm Audio sponsors UNIFONY

Grimm Audio has signed a sponsor contract with Minco Eggersman and Theodoor Borger for their ‘UNIFONY’ project. Grimm Audio believes that the chai… read more pro news

CC1 and LS1be are both Product of the Year 2018!

The printed magazine Hifi Review from Hongkong has offered a ‘product of the year 2018’ award to two Grimm Audio products! Both the CC1mk2 and LS1… read more hifi news

Cuban Duck

You probably know the saying “if it looks likes like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”. It refers to a… continue to blog post

LevelViewS now available in the Avid Store

The BeatRig Grimm Audio LevelViewS software is now available in the Avid Store! BeatRig’s Grimm Audio LevelViewS is a light weight EBU R128 & A… read more pro news

The CC1 is a poisonous device

The Taiwan magazine “My Hi-End” did a review of the CC1 and was heavily impressed. Please enjoy some translated fragments from the text by reviewe… read more hifi news

Objective Quality

The value of quality is perhaps one of the most important ones in life, and it certainly is key to people who care for music and audio. The smallest a… continue to blog post

Cable assembly pinout document

Cable assemblies are available in many different types. One can easily get lost in the woods, especially when interfacing unbalanced and balanced equi… read more pro news

MU1 introduction at Van Abbe Museum

On January 31st the first MU1 music player is introduced to customers, the press and our dealers and friends in the auditorium of the Van Abbe museum … read more hifi news

Death of a dead room

Last Monday I dismantled part of the anechoic chamber in Hilversum that has served me so well for more than 16 years. HKU University of the Arts where… continue to blog post

We Share Your Passion - Wessel Oltheten

We are thrilled to show you the first short movie we produced at Grimm Audio. It is a portrait of Wessel Oltheten, a well known mix engineer in The Ne… read more pro news

Fever Sound interview with Eelco Grimm

The Hong Kong online magazine Fever Sound did a video interview with Eelco Grimm during the HKAV2018 show in Hong Kong in August. Eelco introduces se… read more hifi news

Culture is the goal

On February 7th, the Swedish statistician Hans Rosling died, at the too young age of 68 years. He inspired me a lot with his TED talks, in which he pa… continue to blog post

New partner Kent Poon in Asia

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new Grimm Audio partner for the Asian market: Kent Poon of Square Wave Ltd. Kent is in the audio business for … read more pro news reviews LS1a

Major Dutch online hifi magazine just published the LS1a review that journalist Jan de Jeu did for printed magazine Music Emotion. He wrote: … read more hifi news

Loudness Peace

If someone would ask me, what is the most significant issue when it comes to sound quality, I could give only one answer: that technology does not hin… continue to blog post

Rock solid clock

Dutch music production magazine Interface has a review of our CC2 master clock in its latest issue. Marnix Bosman writes: “I checked the CC2 in my s… read more pro news

LS1be review by Hong Kong Hifi Review

Hong Kong Hi-End audio magazine Hifi Review published a grand review of the LS1be plus DMF subs in June. One month later they released the review for… read more hifi news

What music does

The spark that lighted my life came from music. Music has always been present around me. My parents both played instruments and during my childhood, c… continue to blog post

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